Consulting always means meeting people. So, respect for each individual’s achievement is an important requirement. Moreover, self-reflection is essential as well as the steady development of methodology.

Consultancy focus

  • Research and development in organizations
  • Assistance in creating consulting and training concepts
  • Co-moderation of consulting and qualification measures
  • Developing concepts
  • Assistance in preparing technical articles as well as practical experience reports
  • Preparation and follow-up of consultations


  • Certification for the usage of the ARP (Authority – Responsibility – Power: Leadership through Transforming) and GPOP/GPTP (Golden Profiler of Personality) by Prof. Dr. Richard Bents and Dr. Reiner Blank
  • Certificate of Instructor Qualification: Examination licensed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Koblenz


German, English, Spanish

Education and studies

  • Bachelor studies of Educational Science
  • Master studies of Educational Science with focus on “Organizational Development”

Final degree

  • Master of Arts in Educational Science/ Organizational Development

Professional career

  • Junior Consultant
  • Consulting Assistance
  • Student
  • Working Student

Stick to things you trust in and create something new.